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Consultancy Services for Manufacturers

We provide comprehensive consultancy to manufacturers to ensure compliance with sanitary regulations in the composition of dietary supplements and food products

We advise manufacturers on the composition of their products to ensure that the final products comply with applicable health regulations.

At LexSupplements, we have a team of specialists who are well-versed in health legislation, allowing us to provide a thorough service regarding the ingredients that can be used in food supplements, maximum and minimum permitted quantities, legal names of the ingredients used, and the legal framework that the manufactured product may have.

In this regard, we assist manufacturers in preparing specification sheets for each product they manufacture, ensuring that these sheets include the mandatory information required by law.

Staying updated with legislative developments enables us to prevent the use of prohibited ingredients or quantities that do not comply with applicable health regulations, thereby avoiding administrative requisitions from the start.

Having a legal service that supports your business activities and helps resolve any questions from the very first step of the production chain is crucial.

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