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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

We assist you in adapting your product packaging and labeling to comply with Royal Decree 1055/2022. We handle packaging declarations in Spain, France, and Germany.

We advise companies on adapting their packaging and product labeling to comply with packaging regulations. Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that extends a producer's responsibility for their products to the final stage of their waste management. This means producers must ensure proper and adequate management of the packaging waste from their products that are placed on the market for end consumers.

In Spain, Royal Decree 1055/2022 regulates packaging and packaging waste, establishing the scope and commitment of operators regarding the packaging they place on the market. Typically, Collective Extended Producer Responsibility Systems (SCRAP) are used, which consist of several producer companies collectively fulfilling the obligations imposed by the law. The most notable example of SCRAP in Spain is Ecoembes, the entity managing light domestic packaging. Most packaged food products come in light domestic packaging, so producers have the option to join the packaging waste management system, allowing this SCRAP to handle the collection, sorting, and treatment to comply with the packaging law.

Additionally, it is important to consider the recycling labels required based on the type of packaging and the European Union country where they are marketed.

Finally, the Royal Decree on packaging and packaging waste sets recycling and recovery targets and obligations for packaging design and marking for the coming years to facilitate consumers' recycling and waste management efforts.

At LexSupplements, Food Legal Consultancy, we offer advice to companies in the food sector on joining a Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System, making necessary packaging declarations, and complying with packaging marking regulations.

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