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Food Product Labeling Review

We Verify That Your Product Labeling Complies with Applicable European Food Regulations. We Are Experts in Labeling for Both Food Supplements and Food Products

We review the labeling of food products to ensure compliance with applicable European regulations.

Labeling, whether for current foodstuffs or food supplements, must contain the mandatory food information required by Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. Regarding the mandatory mentions that must be included on the labeling of dietary supplements, we can highlight:

  1. The name under which the product is sold, which must include the mention: "Food supplement."
  2. The list of ingredients.
  3. The names of the categories of nutrients or substances that characterize the product, or an indication of the nature of these nutrients or substances, as well as the daily amount provided.
  4. The recommended daily dose of the product.
  5. The relevant warnings.
  6. The storage conditions.
  7. The net quantity of the product.
  8. The best-before consumption date.
  9. The product's responsible company (Disttibutor, importer or manufacturer).
  10. Allergens, if the product contains any.

Additionally, Regulation 1169/2011 also includes information on substances that cause allergies and intolerances, additional mandatory mentions in certain cases, and nutritional information.

Moreover, Regulation 1924/2006 of December 20, 2006, on nutrition and health claims made on foods and its amendments, regulates the possibility of using statements or graphics on the labeling of food supplements that suggest the product may have health benefits. It specifies the cases in which such claims can be made and how they must be justified. In the dietary supplement sector, it is common to use health and/or nutritional claims, so it is important to ensure that the information provided on the labeling complies with the regulations.

Finally, when preparing the labeling of a food product, the specific regulations governing additives, flavors, novel foods, and other ingredients with nutritional or physiological effects must also be considered. This ensures that the dietary supplements placed on the market are safe and permitted.

At LexSupplements, we specialize in dietary supplements and stay updated on the latest legislative developments affecting food and dietary supplements, providing a comprehensive service to food operators, ensuring that their product labels comply with applicable health regulations.

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