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Legal Consulting for Food Companies.

We offer comprehensive legal consulting and management of procedures for food companies. Legal advice for audits, correspondence with government agencies, and certifications

We handle various administrative procedures and offer legal advice to companies in the food sector. We can assist you with the following procedures:

  • Advising companies and individuals during official control visits, audits, and inspections.
  • Intellectual property and brand identity, including legal defense of trademarks and trade names.
  • Registration of names and trademarks with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM).
  • Filing appeals and objections in the context of sanctioning law.
  • Certifications on Organic production.
  • Answering to official communications with the relevant Health Administration: responding to and appealing against requisitions, correcting labeling errors, food supplements notifications, etc.
  • Applying for the national parapharmacy code for products sold in the parapharmacy channel.
  • Processing free sale certificates for export both through Chambers of Commerce and the relevant Health Authority.
  • Processing export health certificates.
  • Processing certificates of origin.

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