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Revision of Food Composition and food Ingredients

We Ensure Your Product Composition Complies with Current Legislation on Nutrients, Plants, Vitamins and Minerals, Novel Foods, etc

Companies responsible for marketing and placing food products on the market must ensure that their composition and ingredients are safe and comply with all applicable European regulations.

Therefore, at LexSupplements, Food Legal Consultancy, we advise manufacturers and distributors to ensure that the ingredients used in food products are permitted, safe, and within the limits established by legislation.

Thus, i) we review and verify that the food additives used are permitted both for the type of foods in which they are used and regarding the quantity employed; ii) we verify that unauthorized novel foods are not used and, in the case of authorized novel foods, we ensure compliance with the restrictions established by the Novel Foods Regulation; and iii) we ensure that prohibited or restricted substances are not used for safety reasons. All this in order to guarantee the food business operators that their products comply with applicable health legislation.

At the European Union level, not all countries have developed the same national regulations applicable to food and dietary supplements, so food operators wishing to operate in multiple countries must adhere to the specific regulations each country has developed on plants, vitamins, minerals, and other substances with nutritional or physiological effects to successfully market their products in each target country.

Furthermore, the food legislative sector is very dynamic and evolving, making it necessary to have a specialized legal consultancy in food, formed by experts who stay updated on the latest legislative developments specific to food supplements.

At LexSupplements, we specialize in the food regulations of Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Malta, Hungary, and many other EU countries, allowing us to help you expand your business and operate in most European countries.

Contact us to resolve any questions or issues related to the use of nutrients, additives, flavors, technological aids, legal limits permitted in Spain and other EU countries, and get the best advice of experts on food supplements.

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