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The sale of complementary feed has increased in recent times because we are increasingly concerned about the health of our pets. If you are interested in the distribution and marketing of these products, we can help you.

We are increasingly concerned about the health and nutrition of our pets and ensuring that they have the healthiest possible life. For this reason, the market has increased the sale of products intended for our pets with the aim of compensating for their diet or nutrition as well as supporting different characteristics that may affect their health.

The bond with our pets is increasingly stronger and therefore, the care for our pets is increasingly exhaustive and of quality, which leads to an growth in the life expectancy of these animals, making it necessary to support their health which can be deteriorated due to aging.

Among the most demanded products we find those that have an impact on the joints and bones, those intended to protect the immune system, the protection of the digestive system, those intended to support the quality and shine of the hair or those that promote calm behaviorals, among others.


As of today, there is no specific regulation that regulates the marketing of food supplements for pets in the European market (legally called complementary feed), but they must comply with the broad general legislation on European animal nutrition.

Entrepreneurs in the food industry who are interested in the marketing of this type of products should know that registration in the General Registry of Establishments in the Animal Food Sector is necessary, requiring, as the case may be, authorization prior to the start of the business or a communication prior to the start of their activities to the competent authority of the Spanish region in which they are located.

Regarding the composition of complementary feed, only raw materials and additives from registered or authorized suppliers may be used in accordance with the feed hygiene regulations in the EU (Regulation (EC) number 183/2005, articles 9 and 10), and in addition , these raw materials and additives must be included in one of the following lists: (I) Regulation (EU) number 68/2013, which establishes the Catalogue of feed materials; (II) Community Register of feed raw materials and (III) Community Register of feed additives.

Finally, the labeling of complementary feed must comply with the provisions of Regulation (EC) number 767/2009 establishing the conditions on the placing on the market and use of feed.


If you are interested in the marketing of food supplements for pets, at LexSupplements we can help you. Contact us and we will advise you on the necessary procedures and specific requirements that you must meet to be able to distribute this type of products.

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