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January, good month for the sale of food supplements

January, good month for the sale of food supplements

Once Christmas is over and the new year has begun, the purposes for the new year appear and everyone starts to think about them seriously.
Many of these habits consist of improving life habits, with the basic tandem of healthy eating + physical activity as undisputed protagonists of it.
At this point, many people rely on the help that many of the food supplements can provide in their daily basis or specific needs for certain situations. Therefore, this month will increase the purchases of this type of products for many consumers.
That is why the companies responsible for these products must be up to date with compliance with the regulations that regulate them to avoid possible administrative sanctions.
These products are regulated at the level of the European Union by Directive 2002/46/EC, which in Spain was transposed to its national regulations in the form of Royal Decree 1487/2009.

As well as in Spain, most of other European countries have transposed the European Directive into their own national laws. This way, in most of European countries, Food Supplements are widely regulated.

These documents regulate both the mandatory information that the labeling, composition and administrative procedures must show with the corresponding and competent Sanitary Authorities.
The manufacturing, importation or distributing companies of these products must take into account, and apply the legislation to establish that the products are safe for the consumer and that they have the specific bureaucratic procedures for their placing on the market.
As a basic procedure to be carried out, there is the notification of placing on the market to the Health Authority prior or simultaneous to its placing on the market. In this way, the official control of the products marketed is possible because there is an existing official fatabase that contains all notified food supplements, together with the information of the responsible company.

Before communicating this placing on the market, operators require compliance with the legislation on labeling and composition, ensuring that the following mandatory information regarding food supplements is provided to the consumer:
     Legal denomination of the product "Food supplement".
Denomination of the categories of nutrients or substances that characterize the product, or an indication of the nature of said nutrients or substances.
List of ingredients.
Mandatory warnings
Recommended daily doses and instructions for use.
   Amount of nutrients or substances with nutritional or physiological effect per recommended daily dose.

In addition to the above, it must be taken into account the provisions of Article 9 of Regulation 1169/2011 on food information provided to the consumer in relation to mandatory information.
Apart from the information provided, it is very important to ensure that the ingredients contained in the product are allowed, within legal limits, with additional warnings if necessary, as well as that the additives and flavours used are allowed and within legal limits.
From LexSupplements, as food legal consultants, we help you to comply with the legislation on food supplements, both in labeling, composition and administrative procedures.
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