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Your team of specialists in food supplements at an international level

Our team

We are in continuous training to stay up to date with legislative developments that affect this sector.

Cristina Paiz Ortega

Lawyer and Economist (Collegiate Nº 6800)


Academic Information

  • Double graduate in Law and Business Administration and Management at the University of Granada.
  • Expert in Legal Practice by the Law School Association of Granada.


  • At the law firm , she has worked as a lawyer, specialiced in civil, administrative and commercial law, from January 2.016 to November 2.018.
  • In the law firm Castro y Pérez Asociados, she has worked as a lawyer specialized in civil and administrative law for 7 years.

Marina Rodríguez Matute

Food technologist (Collegiate Nº AND-00876)


Academic Information

  • Graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Granada.
  • Graduate in Science and Food Technology at the University of Granada.
  • Master in Advances in Quality and Food Technology.


  • She has worked as a legal consultant in the field of food security in a multidisciplinary firm for 3 years.
  • Previously, she has worked as a food technologist at the companies Diesa, Biosearch life and Abbott Laboratories.

What is LexSupplements?

LexSupplements is an international multidisciplinary firm, which was created with the purpose of offering our clients a comprehensive advisory service that allows them to achieve their objectives and obtain optimal results, with all the guarantees.

 Thanks to the experience of the professionals who make up the LexSupplements team, we ensure a quality service based on communication with the client, transparency and trust, which are the identity values of the brand.

We are totally specialized in the food supplements sector at an international level, so we help our clients develop business opportunities in most countries of the European Union with the peace of mind of not having any problems with the Health Administration.